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Virtici, Celdara Medical, and MBV Announce Collaboration

Today Virtici, Celdara Medical and MBV announced their formation of the first collaborative nationwide network for the development of early stage biotechnologies. The goals are simple: to improve human health by identifying the highest potential innovations in medicine and developing them into the clinic.

The companies share a highly collaborative business model that is built around the innovators, lean preclinical development, and addressing the biggest challenges in medicine.

“We’ve been working alongside the top innovators and their institutions for the better part of a decade, and the model clearly works.” said Jake Reder, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Celdara Medical. “We want to multiply our impact on human health, and today’s announcement of our partnership with MBV is both a nice parallel to our successful collaboration with Virtici, LLC, and the next step toward that goal. I want to make this very clear - if we were solely focused on maximizing profit we would compete against rather than cooperate with each other, but we’re all here for a greater purpose. Our primary purpose is to improve human health, so when any of us wins, we all win. Job creation, economic development, and windfall profits are wonderful things, and are byproducts of successful drugs, and this continuing model of geographic expansion reflects that vision.”

“The establishment of this collaborative network is exciting and provides a unique and dynamic environment,” said Neil Fanger, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtici. “MBV leadership possess a significant amount of experience and a strong track record of innovative drug development. Our alignment strengthens our intelligence, knowhow and geographic reach, all of which will lead to the development of more exciting therapies and improved human health.  

“Even in the beginning stages of work with Celdara and Virtici, it was clear that their values aligned 100% with MBV’s, stated Joseph Trebley, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of MBV. There is rarely a conversation where patient need or human health doesn’t come up. Once we realized our values were aligned, it was a no-brainer to collaborate and form this trans-national partnership.”

The firms share best practices, deal flow, and a highly efficient business model for driving medical innovations from bench to boardroom to bedside. The collaborative model also extends to partnerships and even exits through the shared externalization of search, evaluation, derisking, and preclinical development functions for biotech and pharma companies. The firms are actively seeking innovators and diagnostic and therapeutic innovations with the potential to dramatically improve human health. While regionally concentrated, each company is also highly active beyond the geographies listed, with numerous partnerships across the country and beyond.